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Welcome to Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven wiki!

  • Mm6-region-sweet-water.png
    Sweet Water
  • Mm6-region-kriegspire.png
  • Mm6-region-frozenhighlands.png
    Frozen Highlands
  • Mm6-region-silvercove.png
    Silver Cove
  • Mm6-region-eelinfestedwaters.png
    Eel Infested Waters
  • Mm6-region-paradisevalley.png
    Paradise Valley
  • Mm6-region-blackshire.png
  • Mm6-region-freehaven.png
    Free Haven
  • Mm6-region-bootleg-bay.png
    Bootleg Bay
  • Mm6-region-mistyislands.png
    Misty Islands
  • Mm6-region-hermitsisle.png
    Hermit's Isle
  • Mm6-region-dragonsand.png
  • Mm6-region-mireofthedamned.png
    Mire of the Damned
  • Mm6-region-castleironfist.png
    Castle Ironfist
  • Mm6-region-newsorpigal.png
    New Sorpigal


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2019-03-16 | Interested in making mods? Check out Category:Modding.

2019-03-05 | We now have a discord for discussion and tech support.

2019-02-25 | Site's working again (mostly).

2018-05-23 | Anonymous edits and account registrations are now enabled, start contributing!

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