New Sorpigal

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"Our town was founded centuries ago as the last major town in Enroth. We have historically been a point from which colony ships left for the rest of the world."


Overworld[edit | edit source]


Map markers

  1. Inn
    1. Andover Potbello
      • Letter
      • Candelabra
    2. Sheila Loompus (upstairs)
      • Expert identification (rank 4, 500 gp)
    3. Tara D'Cathay (upstairs)
      • Expert perception (rank 4, 500 gp)
  2. Well, 100 gp if 0 in purse (once per week)
  3. Dragon tower
  4. Hejaz Mawsil
    • Buys cobra eggs for 1000 gp each
    • Buccaneers' Lair membership (25 gp)
  5. Harold Hess
    • Blades' End membership (25 gp)
  6. Alchemist store
  7. Weapon store
  8. Armor store
  9. Blades' End
  10. Enk Salzburg
    • Expert body building (rank 4, 500 gp)
  11. Victor Hose
    • Expert meditation (rank 4, 500 gp)
  12. Violet Dawson
    • Angela
    • Guild of the Self membership (100 gp)
  13. Buford T. Allman
    • Spider queen
    • Elemental Guild membership (100 gp)
  14. Fountain, +10 might temporarily
  15. Fountain, 5 HP restored
  16. Fountain, 5 SP restored
  17. Isao Magistrus
    • Expert fire magic (rank 4, 1000 gp)
  18. Taro
    • Expert earth magic (rank 4, 1000 gp)
  19. Training hall, max level 15
  20. Enoch Highridge
    • Expert spirit magic (rank 4, 1000 gp)
  21. Virgil Holiday
    • Expert mind magic (rank 4, 1000 gp)
  22. Abdulai Mahgreb
    • Expert body magic (rank 4, 1000 gp)
  23. Stables (2 horseshoes)
  24. General store
  25. Bank, Cheryl Duncan (upstairs )
    • Expert air magic (rank 4, 1000 gp)
  26. Town hall
  27. Buccaneers' Lair (teleporter to Dragonsand)
  28. Temple
  29. Initiate Guild of the Elements
  30. Initiate Guild of the Self, Donald Retzer (upstairs )
    • Expert learning (rank 4, 2000 gp)
  31. Abandoned Temple
  32. Goblinwatch
  33. Dorf
    • Expert staff (rank 4, 2000 gp)
  34. Falagar
  35. Docks
  36. Shrine of Luck
  37. Douglas Hill
    • Expert water magic (rank 4, 1000 gp)
  38. Igor
    • Expert blaster (rank 4, 2000 gp)
  39. Gharik's Forge
  40. Naomi Highland the Healer
  41. Orville Corvair the Scholar
  42. Obelisk #15
  43. Buoy (makes the volcano erupt)
  44. Well, +2 luck if < 15 (8 times)


Travel[edit | edit source]

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Goblinwatch[edit | edit source]

"I've heard that the abandoned keep on the hill is now home to a pack of goblins. The keep was built to keep the goblins away, so how could this possibly happen?"

"It's been quite a while since New Sorpigal was raided by goblins, but with goblins living in the very place meant to protect us from them, it can't be too long before we're attacked again, can it? "


Map markers

Map Goblinwatch mediumscale.png
  1. Chest with Goblinwatch Code Scroll for quest 3
  2. Switch to open walls
  3. Combination door (code: NILBOG)
  4. "Maintenance" teleport destination


NILBOG (door combination) is GOBLIN backwards. The code DILBOG will work too.


Abandoned Temple[edit | edit source]

"The abandoned temple northwest of town used to be occupied by the Temple of Baa, but they moved out in a hurry one day last year. Now there's nothing but snakes, bats, and huge spiders."

"I heard the Temple of Baa abandoned that old temple so quickly they didn't have time to take all their stuff. It should all still be down there, if you're brave enough to go look for it. There's a lot of nasty monsters in the way, though, so be careful if you go."

"A wizard friend of mine told me the Temple of Baa was laying curses on our town from the abandoned temple just outside town. One day they tried to lay the Curse of Endless Vermin on us, only they did something wrong and it backfired, infesting their own temple instead. They moved righty-o quick once that happened."


Map Abandoned Temple.png

Map markers

  1. Chest with Candelabra for quest
  2. Angela Dawson for quest
  3. Queen Spider with Heart for quest


Gharik's Forge[edit | edit source]

"In the islands south of Mist is the forge of Gharik, one of Archibald's fellow mages. The place is crawling with elementals– no one ever goes there now."


Map Ghariksforge.png

Map markers

  1. Switch for bridge
  2. (Down) Switch for door at '3'
  3. (Down) Switch for bridge
  4. (Up) Switch for treasure room
  5. Chest with Letter to Marcus Scroll (useless)
  6. Chest with Gharik's Journal Scroll (useless)
  7. Door requires Gharik's Key from Silver Helm Outpost
  8. Chest with Hourglass of Time for quest 13


You can easily skip the 'bridge puzzle' by casting a jump spell or by sliding on the wall.