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"The mountains to the west keep all the horrible creatures of Dragonsand from rampaging across the rest of Enroth."

"Dragonsand, the great desert of Enroth, is home to all the worst monsters in the world. Dragons, titans, and other oversized killer monsters roam the sands freely on whatever errands such creatures find important. Humans foolish enough to travel the desert learn to run and hide very quickly, or they don't last long."

Overworld[edit | edit source]

Dragonsand Markers.png

Map markers

  1. Najat Ramadi
    • [Trade Pyramid for Armor]
    • [Trade Keg for Armor]
  2. Kerman Murian
    • [Trade Pyramid for Weapon]
    • [Trade Keg for Weapon]
  3. Irbil Baktarian
    • [Trade Pyramid for Accessory]
    • [Trade Keg for Accessory]
  4. Bendar Jahrom [Trade Lamp for Gems]
  5. Pedestal (Eagle Statuette) for quest
  6. Fountain (+50 HP)
  7. Fountain (+10 all stats permanent, Eradicated)
  8. Fountain (+10 elemental resists permanet, Eradicated)
  9. Tomb of VARN
  10. New World Computing logo
  11. Obelisk #6
  12. Rock (Requires touching all obelisks first)


Travel[edit | edit source]

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Tomb of VARN[edit | edit source]

"The legends say that the great ship used in the Crossing lies buried under a giant stone tomb in the middle of Dragonsand. There must have been a lake or ocean long ago where the desert is now, for the ship to end up in the middle of the desert!"

Map Tomb of VARN.png

Map markers

  1. Sentinel of VARN with Back Door Key
  2. Switch, and Chest with Flame Door Key, Captain's Code, and Crystal Skull
  3. Flame Door (need Flame Door Key)
  4. Chest with Water Temple Key and First Mate's Code
  5. Back Door (Need Back Door Key and 35 Might to open)
  6. Door (need Water Temple Key)
  7. Chest with Bibliotecha Chest Key, Navigator's Code, and Crystal Skull
  8. Books with Communication Officer's Code
  9. Chest with Doctor's Code and VARN Chest Key (need Bibliotecha Chest Key)
  10. Books with Engineer's Code
  11. Cleansing Pool - engineers code: yttocs
  12. Cleansing Pool - communication officer's code: aruhu
  13. Cleansing Pool - navigator's code: ulus
  14. Cleansing Pool - doctor's code: yoccm
  15. Cleansing Pool - first mate's code: kcops
  16. Well of VARN - Captain's code: krik
  17. Chest with Control Cube for quest (need VARN Chest Key)


The picture door at the entrance requires 25 might to open.

The codes are character names from Star Trek spelled backwards.


New World Computing[edit | edit source]

Map New World Computing.png

Map markers

  1. Desk, Day of the Gods spell effect
  2. Desk, gives 500 gold per use, if gold <10000
  3. Potions for sale
  4. Pantry (Food, Potion Bottle, Poison, Drunk)
  5. Shelves, can use 4 times. (random loot: Inferno spellbook, Club, Cloth Hat, Long Sword, Dagger, Phirna Root)