Paradise Valley

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"The village of Edenbrook wouldn't be around these days if it weren't for King Roland and his men. They saved it from a horde of devils a little while back."

"Once the greenest and most fertile of lands in Enroth, Pleasant Valley has fallen under a curse that has caused the plants to wither, the animals to sicken, and the people to leave. It is a barren land now, and no one wants to live there."

"Shortly after the Night of Shooting Stars, the blight began to eat away at Pleasant Valley. In a few short years, nearly all the plants and animals had sickened and died, and the villagers and farmers living in the valley had to move east to find food. The blight has shown no signs of abating– rather, it has accelerated, and will one day cover the entire continent unless something is done to stop it."

"The western province of Pleasant Valley has undergone a shocking transformation in the last few years. Once it was a rich, fertile farming region. Now all the plants have died from a terrible blight, and the water has dried up. All the animals sickened or died, and all the people had to move away to find food to eat."


Overworld[edit | edit source]

Paradise Valley Markers.png

Map markers

  1. Su Lang Manchu [Master Dark Magic] (Notorious reputation)
  2. Rexella [Master Blaster] (5000 gold)
  3. Alchemist Store (Mighty Magicks)
  4. Weapon Store (Singing Steel)
  5. Armor Store (The Enchanted Hauberk)
  6. Inn
  7. Training Hall
  8. Obelisk #2
  9. Temple Baa
  10. Fountain (+100 HP and SP)
  11. Chest (can only be reached by telekinesis spell)


Travel[edit | edit source]

Dungeons[edit | edit source]