Frozen Highlands

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"White Cap is the third largest town in Enroth, and it's been suffering ever since Lord Stromgard lost Icewind Keep to the ogres last year. The ogres keep raiding caravans trying to go through the pass. If the caravans ever stop, it'll be the end for the town."

"Sure has been a long time since last summer, I think. MUCH too long. Something is wrong with the weather, and I'm beginning to think the gods are punishing us for supporting the Ironfist dynasty!"

"A master of air I spoke with some time ago claims that someone is tinkering with the weather using ritual magic. He says he traced the magic back to one of those temples of Baa that've been springing up all over the place recently."

"The mountains around here have some mighty strange hermits living in them here and there. Most are crazy, but a few go there to meditate on truths not meant for mortal man to know."

Overworld[edit | edit source]

Frozen Highlands Markers.png

Map markers

  1. Warren Holmes
    • Elemental Guild Membership (100 gold)
  2. Rachel Herzl
    • Dark Guild Membership (1000 gold)
  3. Riverside Avademy
    • Training (Max level 50)
  4. Blades' End
    • ...
  5. Fountain (+5 Might Permanent, Dead)
  6. Adept Guild of the Elements
    • ...
  7. Initiate Guild of Dark
    • ...
  8. Fountain (+5 Endurance Permanent, Dead)
  9. White Cap Temple
  10. Morton Holovin
    • Dark Magic Expert (rank 4, 2000 gold)
  11. Fredrick Piles
    • Blade's End Membership (25 gold)
  12. Weapon store (Mark and Missile)
  13. Alchemist store (Apples, Thorns, and Potions)
  14. Stables (White Cap Transport Co.)
  15. Well (spawns monsters)
  16. Dragon tower
  17. Bank
  18. Inn
  19. General Store
  20. Armor store (Silver Lining Armor & Shield)
  21. Castle Stromgard
    • Erik Von Stormgard
      • Quests
    • Jacques Kohl (upstairs)
      • Master Diplomacy (rank 7, 200 fame, 2500 gold)
    • Jed Morrison
      • Expert Bow (rank 4, 2000 gold)
    • Dickson Parks
      • Expert Mace (rank 4, 2000 gold)
  22. Fountain (+30 Might temporary)
  23. Shrine of Endurance (April)
  24. Obelisk #7
  25. Castle Stone
    • Anthony Stone
      • Quests
    • Arlen Sailor
      • Master Leather Armor (rank 10, 3000 gold)
    • Jules Miles
      • Master Dagger (rank 8, speed 40, 5000 gold)
    • Gabe Lester
      • Master Disarm (Rank 7, accuracy 30, 2500 gold)
    • Protection Services
  26. Inn (Rime and Reason)
  27. Well (spawns monsters)
  28. Marcellus Lutvig
    • Protection Services Membership (50 gold)
  29. Ryan Treacle
    • Repair Master (Rank 7, Accuracy 30, 2500 gold)
  30. Weapon store (Haft and Handle Pole arms)
  31. Armor store (Quality Armor)
  32. Fountain (+10 Level temporary)
  33. Icewind Keep
  34. Shadow Guild
  35. Fountain (+20 Accuracy and Speed temporary)
  36. Fountain (+20 AC temporary)


Travel[edit | edit source]

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Icewind Keep[edit | edit source]

"Icewind Keep was once Lord Stromgard's first castle, but he lost it to an attack of ogres and evil humans about a year ago. He's moved to his second castle east of White Cap, but they say he's rather bitter about the loss and thinks only of revenge these days."

"It sure is a bad thing that those ogres have control over Icewind keep! Some of their human allies are archers, and they like to shoot at people going through the pass. They've been real bad for business at White Cap, believe me."

Icewind keep.png

MAP Icewind Keep.png

Map markers

  1. Switch (for southern wall)
  2. Switch (for center wall)
  3. Switch (for northern wall)
  4. Chest with 'Dragon Tower Keys' for quest and 'Letter from the Dragon Riders' (useless)
  5. Chest with 'Remains of a Journal' (useless)


Shadow Guild[edit | edit source]

"The Shadow Guild supposedly has a large guild right near Castle Stone. I'm surprised Anthony Stone hasn’t discovered its location yet."

"The Shadow Guild is a new Thieves' Guild created to challenge Lord Stone's authority over the underworld. They have two hideouts– one near Castle Ironfist and the other within spitting distance of Castle Stone. It looks to me like they're spoiling for a fight!"

""If tales told be true, the Shadow Guild and the Temple of Baa are in cahoots to ruin the Kingdom. I hear the Temple has been magically extending winter in these parts, and the ritual materials they need are being supplied by the Shadow Guild."

Shadow guild.png

MAP Shadow Guild.png