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The people of Blackshire have fallen under a terrible curse– they turn into werewolves at night!


Map markers

  1. Stables
  2. General Store (Outland Trading Post)
  3. Bank
  4. Ambrose Brusse [Expert Dark Magic] (Rank 4, 2000  gold)
  5. Martos Ferris [Light Guild Membership] (1000  gold)
  6. Rebecca Calaway [Dark Guild Membership] (1000  gold)
  7. Twillen [quest]
  8. Tess Tucker [Smuggler's Guild Membership] (50  gold)
  9. Maria Trepan [Quest]
  10. Light Magic Guild
  11. Dark Magic Guild
  12. Errol Ostermann [Master Mace] (Rank 8, Might 40, 5000  gold)
  13. Guy Hampton [Master Sword] (Rank 8, Cavaliers)
  14. Joanne Cravitz [Quest]
  15. Temple
  16. Bronwyn Meck [Master Shield] (Rank 10, 5000  gold)
  17. Weapon Store (Stout Heart Staff and Spear)
  18. Training Ground
  19. Armor Store (Mail and Greaves)
  20. Inn
  21. Well (+50 Luck temporary)
  22. Fountain (+50 SP)
  23. Well (+5 Magic resist permanent, Diseased)
  24. Fountain (+30 Magic resist temporary, Stoned)
  25. Dragon Tower
  26. Shrine of Magic (December)
  27. Circus (28 March - 27 April)
  28. Fountain (+5 intellect and Personality permanent, Diseased)
  29. Temple of the Snake
  30. Temple Baa
  31. Lair of the Wolf
  32. Inn
  33. Obelisk #5




Lair of the Wolf

A terrible curse has befallen the people in this area, and everyone thinks they know the source– it's that new cave that opened itself up in the side of the mountain south of town. Someone needs to go in there and end the curse, but bravery's at a premium in Blackshire, these days.


Temple of the Snake

An old temple sits in the center of Star Island. Strangely enough, the number of statues on the island has slowly increased over time."


  1. Cage with Emmanuel Cravitz for quest
  2. Q (with Horn of Ros)
  3. Teleporter