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The road between Castle Ironfist and New Sorpigal has become quite unsafe. Ordinarily, we only have one group of bandits preying upon travelers…but these days we have not one, not two, but THREE groups of bandits! First, there is that hideous Temple of Baa, then we have the Dragoon hideout near the south shore somewhere, and finally we have an unauthorized Thieves' Guild open for business near the Castle!


Overworld[edit | edit source]

Castle Ironfist Markers.png

Map markers

  1. Rick Hamburg [Expert Chain Armor] (Rank 4, 1000 gold)
  2. Benito Tellman [Expert Plate Armor] (Rank 4, 1000 gold)
  3. Edgar Carpenter [Expert Shield] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
  4. Newt Headrow [Expert Leather Armor] (Rank 4, 1000 gold)
  5. Stables [Travel]
  6. Armor store (Metalweave Armory)
  7. Andrew Besper [Quest] [Berserker's Fury Membership]
  8. Berserker's Fury
  9. Weapon store (The Eagle's Eye)
    • Helen Teal [Expert Bow] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
    • Tracy Flauta [Mind Guild Membership]
    • Inn
    • Terrance Smith [Expert Dagger] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
  10. Docks (Zephyr)
  11. Docks (Queen Catherine)
  12. Leon Lazaru [Expert Identify Item] (Rank 4, 500 gold)
  13. Tyler Tailor [Expert Disarm Trap] (Rank 4, 500 gold)
    • Training Hall
    • Stephen Biggs [Expert Axe] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
    • Weapon store (Fine Blades)
    • Aaron Strongmun [Expert Sword] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
  14. Armor store (Iron Defense)
    • Spirit Guild
    • Mind Guild
    • Body Guild
  15. Alchemist store (Eye of Newt)
  16. Temple
  17. Olaf Berring [Expert Body Building] (Rank 4, 500 gold)
  18. Bishop Iquisitorio [Spirit Guild Membership] [Master Spirit Magic] (High Priest)
  19. Well
  20. Bernice Weaver [Body Guild Membership]
  21. Castle
    • Wilbur Humphrey
      • Quest: Deliver the Letter
      • Council Quest: Return Lord Kilburn's shield
      • Council Quest: Slicker Silvertongue's treason
      • Promotion Quest: Rescue Melody Silver
      • Promotion Quest: Slay Longfang Witherhide
    • Nicolai Ironfist
      • Quest: The Circus
      • Quest: Free Archibald
    • Elton Astrogate [Expert Learning] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
    • Walter Hargreaves [Expert Diplomacy] (Rank 4, 500 gold)
  22. Fountain (+10 Speed temporary)
  23. Fountain (+10 Accuracy temporary)
  24. Teleporter to #30
  25. Teleporter destination
  26. Fountain (+10 HP)
  27. Obelisk #12
  28. Teleporter to #34
  29. Teleporter destination
  30. Dragoons' Caverns
  31. Temple of Baa (Dungeon)
  32. Temple Baa
  33. Corlagon's Estate
  34. Shadow Guild Hideout
  35. The Seer
  36. Shrine of Electricity (September)
  37. Inn
  38. Snergle's Caverns


Travel[edit | edit source]

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Shadow Guild Hideout[edit | edit source]

The Shadow Guild, an upstart Thieves' Guild, supposedly has a hideout near Castle Ironfist. I'm sure Anthony Stone would love to see that hideout destroyed.



Map markers

  1. Switch (open/close east wall)
  2. Switch (open/close west wall)
  3. Chest with Guild Key
  4. Sharry Carnegie for quest 6 (need Guild Key)
  5. Letter from the Prince of Thieves (useless)


Dragoons Caverns[edit | edit source]


Map Dragoons Caverns.png

Map markers

  1. Switch to open door.
  2. +10 luck permanently for one character
  3. Chest with flute (useless)
  4. Switch to treasure room with '5'
  5. Chest with Shadow Guild Scroll for subquest 2
  6. Switch to open door.
  7. Chest with harp for quest 9 (The other chests with teleport you)


Corlagon's Estate[edit | edit source]

Lord Corlagon was Archibald's greatest lieutenant during the Succession War, and after his side lost, he retired to his mansion in the swamps somewhere. It is said that he performed the Ritual of the Endless Night and became a lich a couple of years ago.


Map Corlagonsestate.png

Map markers

  1. Switch, to open wall for '2'
  2. Switch, to open wall for '3'
  3. Chest with Crystal of Terrax for 'quest 23'
  4. Switch to open wall
  5. Switch to open wall
  6. Chest with Corlagon's Diary Scroll (useless)
  7. Teleport across hallway (can jump to avoid)


You can skip the first switch by using telekinesis on switch '2'


Temple of Baa (Dungeon)[edit | edit source]

A day's travel west of here is a new Temple dedicated to Baa. I've heard that bad things happen to rich people that travel near there.


Map Temple of Baa Medium.png

Map markers

  1. Chest with Bathhouse Key. Touch in order North, East, West South to open doors.
  2. Statue with Store Room 1 Key
  3. Store Room 1 with Bathhouse 2 key
  4. Bathhouse 1 with Treasure Room 1 Key
  5. Bathhouse 2 with Store Room 2 Key
  6. Store Room 2 with Secret Door Key
  7. Secret door
  8. Treasure Room 1 with Chime of Harmony and Treasure Room 2 Key
  9. Treasure Room 2 with gold


Be careful, as there are many triggers that spawn monsters in this dungeon.


Snergle's Caverns[edit | edit source]

Rocklin, former King of the Dwarves, has been deposed by a dwarf named Snergle. Snergle renamed the mines and caverns formerly operated by Rocklin to, predictably, Snergle's Mine and Snergle's Caverns. You can find both of those places west of the mountains near Castle Ironfist called the Steel Mountains.


Map Snergle's Caverns.png