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Free Haven is the oldest and most prosperous city in the Kingdom. With a natural harbor and the Oracle, it was only common sense for people to gather here since the Silence.


Overworld[edit | edit source]

Free Haven Markers.png

Map markers

  1. Inn (Viktor's Hall)
  2. Weapon Store (Feathers and String)
  3. Armor Store (The Footman's Friend)
  4. Stables (Free Haven Travel East)
  5. Peggy Woods [Body Guild Membership] (50 gold)
  6. Wilma Rothwing [Spirit Guild Membership] (50 gold)
    1. Tim O'Hoolihan [Body Magic Expert] (Rank4, 1000 gold)
    2. Michele Blackshire [Spirit Magic Expert] (Rank4, 1000 gold)
  7. Water Magic Guild
  8. Mynasia [Mind Magic Expert] (Rank4, 1000 gold)
  9. Elsie Freedman [Mind Guild Membership] (50 gold)
  10. Fire Magic Guild
  11. Air Magic Guild
  12. Geoff Southy [buys Four Leaf Clovers, 25 gold]
  13. Dillan Robinson [buys Amber, 500 gold]
  14. Body Magic Guild
  15. Free Haven Sewer (enter and exit puts you at different house)
  16. Earth Magic Guild
  17. Alchemy Store (Alchemy and Incantations)
  18. Ral
    • Carpenter (recommended for quest)
    1. Logan Dasher [Expert Dagger] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
    2. Michael Ogilvy [Expert Sword] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
  19. Lawrence Aleman [Buys Gongs, 2000 gold]
  20. Livia Farrel [Expert Merchant] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
  21. Training Ground
  22. Sylvester Moor [Expert Diplomacy] (Rank 4, 500 gold)
  23. Zoltan Phelps [Quest]
  24. Corey Rozburg [Fire Guild Membership]
  25. Jessica Carson [Air Guild Membership]
    1. Dominique Juarez [Water Guild Membership]
    2. Free Haven Sewer
  26. Ike Pargrew [Earth Guild Membership]
  27. Bonnie Rotterdam [Buys Harpy Feathers, 10 gold]
  28. Free Haven Sewer
  29. Hans Gifford [ID Item Master]
  30. Inn [The Echoing Whisper]
    1. Sy Roth [Buys Teeth, 500 gold]
    2. Free Haven Sewer
  31. Docks
  32. Nick Fenster [Buys Kegs of Wine, 300 gold]
  33. Bank [Foreign Exchange]
  34. Winston Historian [Duelist's Edge Membership]
  35. Carlo Tormini [Quest]
  36. General Store [Abdul's Discount Goods]
    1. Ivan Magyar [Expert Disarm Trap]
      1. Sergio Carrington [Smugglers Guild Membership]
      2. Free Haven Sewer
  37. Well (+2 Might permanent if < 15)
  38. Duelist's Edge
  39. Weapon Store [The Sharpening Stone]
  40. Armor Store [The Foundry]
  41. Fountain [+25 Hit Points]
    1. Takao [Expert Shield]
    2. Free Haven Sewer
  42. Adept Guild of Mind
  43. Woodrow Albright [Expert Plate]
  44. Stables [Free Haven Travel West]
  45. Alchemist Store [The Sorcerer's Shoppe]
  46. Dragon Tower
  47. Adept Guild of Spirit
    1. Li Tizare [Expert Earth Magic]
    2. Zodahn Delphi [Expert Air Magic]
  48. Jack Van Imp [Expert Fire Magic]
  49. Hitomi Mirumoto [Expert Water Magic]
  50. Gabriel Cartman
    • Quest - Ethric's skull
  51. Temple Stone [ruined until Priest promotion quest is complete]
  52. Shrine of Accuracy
  53. High Council [Access to the Oracle once all Council Quests complete]
  54. Jason Traveler [Master Body Building]
  55. Davis Carp [Buys Lodestones, 5 gold]
  56. Lon Miller [Buys Bones, 1000 gold, reduces reputation]
  57. Well [Spawns Fire Archers]
  58. Renee Blackburn [Buys Golden Pyramids, 1000 gold]
  59. Inn
    1. Chadwick Blackpoole [Cavalier Promotion Quest]
  60. Temple of the Moon
  61. Tomb of Ethric the Mad
  62. Obelisk #8
  63. Temple of Baa
  64. Dragoons' Keep
    1. Osric Temper [Council Quest, Knight Promotion Quests]
    2. Forrest Suthers [Master Plate, fly on top of castle]
  65. George Almond
    • Stone Cutter (recommended for quest)


Travel[edit | edit source]

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Free Haven Sewer[edit | edit source]

I hear there's a Thieves' Guild in the city with a trap door leading into the Free Haven city sewer. They must use it to distribute all their stolen loot around town.

MAP Free Haven Sewer 1536.png Map markers

  1. Prince of Thieves
  2. Teleporter to Supreme Temple of Baa


Temple of the Moon[edit | edit source]

The Church of the Moon had a temple to the west. Now, Cedric Druthers' druids use the temple for their ceremonies.


MAP Temple of the Moon 1536.png

Map markers

  1. Altar of Life
  2. Altar of Accuracy
  3. Altar of Might
  4. Altar of Endurance
  5. Altar of Speed with a switch on the rear side
  6. Altar of Luck
  7. The Moon Door/Plaque
  8. Altar of the Moon
  9. Secret treasure room.


The Moon Door

"Life above all, Accuracy before Might, Endurance before Speed, and finally, Luck."

Touch the altars in the order labeled on the map: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Tomb of Ethric the Mad[edit | edit source]

When Ethric the Necromancer died, he left instructions for his body to be placed in a tomb he had built next to the mountains south of the Pearblossom river. It's said that he rose from the dead a few days later in a sort of infernal miracle. Since then, the tomb has become a spiritual sink where all manner of lost souls drift to after death. There they languish, mindlessly attacking the living in defense of their new master Ethric the Mad.

MAP Tomb of Ethric The Mad.png

Map markers

  1. Switch to open door
  2. Switch to open door
  3. Switch to open gates
  4. Ethric with 'Ethric's Skull' for quest


Dragoons' Keep[edit | edit source]

An unsavory company of mercenaries has moved into a fortification built by Roland during the Succession War, near Crescent Lake. Far as I know, the mercenaries haven't done anything wrong yet, but their presence is ominous, don't you think?


MAP Dragoons' Keep.png

Map Markers

  1. Switch for door
  2. Switch for door
  3. Switch for door
  4. Chest with Mordred


Oracle of Enroth[edit | edit source]

The High Council has not once visited the Oracle since these disasters have started happening. The wisdom of the Oracle could certainly be used now.

Map Oracle of Enroth.png

Map markers

  1. Panel, power on/off
  2. Panel, open/close path to Oracle (requires power)
  3. Oracle [quests], and entrance to Control Center
  4. Module altars, where you can place Memory Crystals (requires power)


  • None

Control Center[edit | edit source]

MAP Control Center.png

Map markers

  1. Introduction panel (gained Blaster skill when clicked)
  2. Super-goober certificate