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Overworld[edit | edit source]

Kriegspire Markers.png

Map markers

  1. Alchemist Store (Unusual Enchantments)
  2. Stables
  3. Inn
  4. Well (+30 level temporary)
  5. Training Hall
  6. Armor Store (Armorworks)
  7. Weapon Store (Knight's Paradise)
  8. Well (Teleport to Castle Kriegspire)
  9. Emil Lime [Quest]
  10. Fountain (+10 Magic resist permanent, Eradicated)
  11. Well (+5000 exp, -5000 gold)
  12. Nicholas Roth [Expert Light Magic] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
  13. Superior Temple of Baa
  14. Fountain (+5 elemental resist permanent, Dead)
  15. Fountain (+40 armor class temporary)
  16. Shire of Fire (August)
  17. Castle Kriegspire
  18. Devil Outpost
  19. The Hermit on the Mountain for quest
  20. Shrine of Cold (October)
  21. Agar's Laboratory
  22. Caves of the Dragon Riders
  23. Obelisk #4
  24. Pedestal for quest (Bear Statuette)


Travel[edit | edit source]

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Devil's Outpost[edit | edit source]

The faint smell of brimstone and the sound of creatures talking in a strange language drift from the entrance of this cave.

Devils Outpost.png

MAP Devil Outpost.png

Map markers

  1. Devil of Baa with Devil Plans for quest


Entrance says Demon Lair, and map says Devil Outpost, but it is usually referred to as Devil's Outpost.


Superior Temple of Baa[edit | edit source]

The Superior Temple of Baa was constructed about a year ago against the mountains east of Castle Kriegspire. Unlike most of their temples, it's closed to the public. You'll have to join them if you ever want to be let in.

Superior Temple of Baa.png

MAP Superior Temple of Baa.png

Map markers



Castle Kriegspire[edit | edit source]

Castle Kriegspire, at one time, was the center of magical experimentation in creating creatures. Now, it's abandoned and the creatures run rampant inside. The volcano it rests in was created to keep all the monsters in.

Castle Kriegspire.png

MAP Castle Kriegspire 1536.png

Map markers



Agar's Laboratory[edit | edit source]

This laboratory is the birthplace for countless horrid experiments. Its remote location was chosen for both safety and secrecy.

Agars Laboratory.png

MAP Agar's Laboratory 1536.png

Map markers

    • Chest with Page from Agar's Journal (useless)
    • Cauldron (and skull pile) gives permanent +50 intellect repeatedly up to 255, only if character is cursed.


Caves of the Dragon Riders[edit | edit source]

These caves house a strange alliance between human warriors and dragons. The Dragon Towers were built in the towns to ward off these raiders.

Caves of The Dragon Riders.png

MAP Caves of the Dragon Riders.png

Map markers

  1. Chest with 'Diary Page' scroll (useless)