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The town of Silver Cove got its start as a fishing and trading village a few hundred years ago. With time, our little village grew up to be a full-fledged town. We have ample room to expand the town, and the land around us is fertile and easy to farm. We are just a little distant from the rest of the Kingdom, though.

Overworld[edit | edit source]

Silver Cove Markers.png

Map markers

  1. Anchors Away Inn
  2. Abdul's Discount Travel
  3. Trader Joe's
  4. Well, +20 temporarily to Intellect, and Personality
  5. Master Learning Training, 7 Skill and 30 Intellect
  6. Berserker's Fury Membership 50 Gold
  7. Repair Expert 500 Gold
  8. Bank
  9. Abdul's Discount Armor
  10. Abdul's Discount Training Center
  11. Expert Spear Training 2000 Gold
  12. Abdul's Discount Weapons
  13. Abdul's Discount Magic Supplies
  14. Master Earth Magic (12 Skill, 4000 Gold)
  15. Protection Services Membership
  16. Adept Guild of Self
  17. Expert Meditation 500 Gold
  18. Master Merchant Training (10 Skill, 30 Intellect)
  19. Initiate Guild of Earth
  20. Initiate Guild of Light
  21. Protection Services
  22. Silver Cove Temple
  23. Fountain restore 25 spell points
  24. Town Hall
  25. Berserker's Fury Membership
  26. Master of the Mind (12 Skill, 4000 Gold) / Master of the Body (12 Skill, 4000 Gold)
  27. Light Guild Membership 1000 gold
  28. Expert Light Magic 2000 Gold
  29. Earth Guild Membership 100 Gold
  30. Guild of Self Membership 100 Gold
  31. Quest to Deface Monolith, Eleanor Vanderbilt
  32. Lady Loretta Fleise (Quests)
  33. Dragon Tower
  34. Boat
  35. Fountain (+2 Accuracy Permanent if < 15)
  36. Fountain (+2 Speed Permanent if < 15)
  37. The Monolith
  38. Warlord's Fortress
  39. Shrine
  40. Obelisk
  41. The Grove
  42. Fountain
  43. Boat
  44. Circle of Stones
  45. Silver Helm Stronghold


Travel[edit | edit source]

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

The Monolith[edit | edit source]

The Monolith overlooks the Silver road that leads from Silver Cove to Free Haven. It's been an object of fascination and occasional worship for ages. A long time ago, some group of druids carved a home out of the giant rock, and it has been inhabited by various groups since then. The druids who currently live there were experimenting with some kind of new magic, and I think something may have gone wrong. They've been avoiding contact with the outside world for some time now, and refuse to allow visitors to enter the Monolith.

MAP The Monolith 1536.png

Map markers



Warlord's Fortress[edit | edit source]

The fortress of the Warlord watches over the source of the Calimar river as it winds its way past Silver Cove and empties into Bootleg Bay. Originally established to protect a town planned for that region, the fortress became a magnet for mercenaries and criminals after the town failed and all the settlers moved south to greener pastures.

MAP Warlord's Fortress 1536.png

Map markers

  1. Storage room key 1
  2. Warlord's Chest with Discharge Papers
  3. Storage room key 2
  4. Storage room


Silver Helm Stronghold[edit | edit source]

The Silver Helm vigilantes have occupied a fortress just north of Silver Cove. Accusing Lady Fleise of the sin of greed, the Silver Helms have begun to attack her caravans travelling between Silver Cove and Free Haven. I'm sure she's none too happy about it...

MAP Silver Helm Stronghold 1536.png

Map markers

  1. Ghost of John Silver
  2. Chest with Elegant Letter Scroll (useless)
  3. Gerrard Blacknames with Ankh