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  • Donating gold to a regular temple increases your reputation by 200 points, up to a maximum of 200.
  • Donating at Temple Baa increases your reputation by 200 if you are Notorious, or decreases by 200 down to 0 if you have a positive reputation.
  • Killing a peasant decreases your reputation by 100 points.
  • Many quests will affect your reputation, usually positively.
  • Reputation decreases by 1% (rounded away from zero) every day spent waiting or resting. Reputation does not change during travel.
  • Master Light Magic training requires a Saintly reputation.
  • Master Dark Magic training requires a Notorious reputation.
  • Having a Bard follower increases your reputation, which allows you to more easily qualify for Master Light Magic training.
Reputation rep points
Saintly 1000 or more
Angelic 800 to 999
Glorius 600 to 799
Honorable 400 to 599
Respectable 200 to 399
Average 0 to 199
Bad -299 to -1
Vile -599 to -300
Despicable -799 to -600
Monstrous -999 to -800
Notorious -1000 or less