Mire of the Damned

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Overworld[edit | edit source]

Mire of the Damned Markers.png

Map markers

  1. Stables
    • David Feather [Master Chain Armor] (Rank 10, Crusaders)
    • Weapon store (Blunt Trauma Weapons)
  2. Macro Caligula [Master Perception] (Rank 7, 30 Luck, 2500 gold)
  3. Terry Ros [quest]
    • Jack Crow [Expert Mace] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
    • Caseu Ludwig [Expert Merchant] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
    • Alchemist store (Smoke and Mirrors)
  4. Burton Rutherford [Master Spear] (Rank 8, Cavaliers, 5000 gold)
  5. Armor store (Mailed fist Armory)
  6. Connie Lettering [Expert Axe] (Rank 4, 2000 gold)
    • Inn
    • Avinril Smythers [quest] [Master Axe] (after completing quest)
  7. Invisible bridge (click on the tree to make it visible)
  8. Castle Darkmoor
  9. Dragon's Lair
  10. Shrine of Speed (June)
  11. Obelisk #9
  12. Inn
  13. Snergle's Iron Mines
  14. Circus (28 July - 27 August)
  15. Pedestal (Wolf Statuette) for quest
  16. Fountain (+2 Endurance if <15, max 8 times)
  17. Temple Baa


Travel[edit | edit source]

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Dragon's Lair[edit | edit source]


Map markers

Map Dragons Lair.png
  1. Longfang Witherhide with Dragon Claw for the quest


Castle Darkmoor[edit | edit source]

The home of the Necromancers; no one travels to Castle Darkmoor anymore unless they're looking for undead. I can't imagine the village of Darkmoor surviving much longer without any trade from the rest of Enroth.


MAP Castle Darkmoor.png

Map Markers


Snergle's Iron Mines[edit | edit source]

Snergle hid the key to the innermost chambers of his caverns in the iron mines to the west.


Map Markers

Map Snergle's Iron Mines.png
  1. Pool (+10 SP)
  2. Pool (+10 HP)
  3. Cabinet with Cell Key
  4. Chest with Orders From Snergle Scroll (useless)
  5. Ghim Hammond - Key to Snergle's Chambers (Need Cell Key)
  6. Library (searchable bookshelves)