Bootleg Bay

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The islands of Bootleg Bay hide a pile of pirate treasure. That is, if you can get past the cannibals and actually find it.


Overworld[edit | edit source]

Bootleg Bay Markers.png

Map markers

  1. Hall of the Fire Lord
  2. Obelisk #11
  3. Circus (28 November to 27 December)
  4. Fountain of Magic for quest (+20 SP)
  5. Soshi Pertoniki [Expert Perception] (500 gold, rank 4)
  6. Preston Harper [Expert Chain Armor] (1000 gold, rank 4)
  7. Weapon store (Hammer and Tongs)
  8. Inn
  9. Alchemist store (The Little Magic Shop)
  10. Weapon store (Abraham's Metalworks)
  11. Well (+20 Might temporary)
    • Temple
    • Winston Schezar [quest]
  12. Training Ground
  13. Temple of the Fist
  14. Fountain (+2 Personality if <15, max 8 times)
  15. Fountain (+2 Intellect if <15, max 8 times)
  16. East docks
  17. Temple of Tsantsa
  18. Inn
  19. West docks
  20. Temple of Baa
  21. Temple of the Sun
  22. Pedestal (Dragon Statuette) for quest
  23. Shrine of Might (Pilgrimage January)


Travel[edit | edit source]

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Hall of the Fire Lord[edit | edit source]


Map markers

Map Hall of the Fire Lord.png
  1. Lord of Fire (with quest)
  2. Chest with 'Journal Fragment' (useless)
  3. Door (requires 1 amber to unward/open)
  4. Door (requires 1 amber to unward/open)
  5. Fallen Defender with 'Chest Key'
  6. Chest with 'Crystal Skull' (requires 'Chest Key')


Temple of Tsantsa[edit | edit source]

The temple of Tsantsa can be found on one of the large islands south of Silver Cove. The people that live on that island like to sacrifice captives to their beastly god Tsantsa, and then shrink their heads in the pools of disgusting chemicals they keep in their temple. The islanders are quite hostile, so be sure to kiss your loved ones goodbye if you have plans to visit the island.


Map markers

Map Temple of Tsantsa.png
  1. Switch to unlock #2 and #3
  2. Switch to open doors
  3. Switch to open doors
  4. Chest with 'Cell Key'
  5. Sherell Ivanaveh for quest (Need Cell Key)


It is possible to use #2 and #3 without #1.


Temple of the Sun[edit | edit source]

Long abandoned by the Church of the Sun, their temple still stands on a large island east of Free Haven. A small order of confused monks, misapprehending the true nature of the temple, have somehow made peace with the islanders and moved into the temple– bringing a stolen holy artifact with them. Now the old temple's insidious magic has affected their minds, making them believe they must defend the temple to the death. The monks are very unfriendly these days, and attack all who trespass.


Map markers

Map Temple of the Sun.png
  1. Cabinet with 'Sacred Chalice' for quest


Temple of the Fist[edit | edit source]

Winston used to be a member of that new clerical order down here, but he quit. Apparently he left something behind because he's looking for someone to go back to the Temple of the Fist for him. He's lives in one of the antechambers of the House of Healing now.


Map markers

Map Temple of the Fist.png
  1. Switch to open wall
  2. Switch to open door
  3. Chest with 'Letter from the Temple of Baa' (useless)
  4. Evil Crystal for quest